200 YTT – Day 10-13 – Week 3 Complete

Coming into Week 3, I seriously did not want to go back to work. Teacher training for 8 hours was a dream and I was surrounded lovely ladies with good vibes. It was tough to carry-on my teachers mantra this week, “everything is temporary.” I tried to tell myself that work eventually ends…that it’s only temporary. I rode my bike home and went to mat for practice. We have 4 weeks left of practice and I need to figure how to live yoga at work. THINKING CAPS ON!

With 4 weeks left of the training, I have attained sooooo much information. Muscles, sanskrit, directional cues, speaking with clarity, and just started hands-on adjustments. There is just so much to learn and I am loving it!

Day 12 we were introduced to the crystal bowl meditation workshop with Emma Kupu Mitchell. Meditations aren’t as still and focused as I would like to experiments them, but this time the vibrations of the crystal bowls took effect and I had a moment where I felt like floating.  The long mid-tone vibrations softened my ear drums and my body laid still. Unfortunately ,the pressure on my head from laying on the mat kept me from feeling elevated. Though, my body was relaxed.  I actually felt like I was sitting up right while I was simply laying on the ground. My mind was playing games with me as I tried to stay present! 

One of the special parts of this workshop was the practice of the crystal bowl vibrations energizing  our personal items and a bottle of water. Emma offered us to put items in the center of the room on a silk cloth. She mentioned silk heightens the vibrations. I placed my wedding ring and Tahitian pearl, two pieces of jewelry that I wear every day. The bottle of water is another reminder of the experience. In the beginning of class we wrote down an intention or a mantra. I chose to wrote “strength” on my bottle. It took me a long time to find a word to cover the emotional, physical and mental challenges that I’ve been facing and will face. Strength will cover all that. 

200 YTT – Day 9 – “Everything is Temporary”

Tonight, Tasha, our teacher trainer, offered the mantra of “everything is temporary.” No matter how much you try to fight this one, you know it’s true. Good and bad things fluctuate throughout your day and you just need to breathe through it. The breath is constant. The breath sustains life. My practice tonight took that to heart and helped me focus on breathing. Of course, that was temporary just for a split second My breath got shallow in the twists and then deeper with holds. I felt strong and was able to hold sirsasana (headstand), in which the mind is already trying to fight you to give up! After a big grunt, I powered through until the end. It felt great. Luckily, we skipped a few poses from the regular Ashtanga practice because I don’t know if I would be able to accomplish that. I’ll be crossing my fingers though.

If you didn’t get to check out my first video with the RAD ATOM on my Instagram @megan.deme, you can do so in the left module.


200 YTT – Day 6 – Walking Meditation

Kapilina Beach was my distraction today. Believe or not during a walking meditation you should only be focused on your breath and your step. So it was challenging to walk along the shoreline and not notice the ocean washing over my feet. The sand was like a foot massage so that slowly helped me to just focus on my step and enjoying the step. Looking down on my feet and breathing brought me to a meditative state but I was cautious about my timing (15 minutes). This was the fastest 15 minutes of all the meditative practices we did this week. 

The rest YTT today was open for modification because I wanted to take care of body especially my runners knee. By mid-practice I realized my knee was calm and relaxed. It could’ve been the ibuprofen that assisted but I like to think that I breathed into my knee and exhaled all the bad stuff. I’m expecting future uncomfortable joint and muscles but I’ll try not to get all wrapped up in it. The important thing, and it should be most important to everyone, is that we take care of our body. Realize what makes you stronger. Realize what’s makes you a less stronger. Continue making those realizations and you can love yourself. If you love yourself then you can love others. 

Energizing yoga!

I wouldn’t say this is a great morning yoga practice because you get a bit sweaty. Maybe on a weekend before you run errands, go shopping, or your kids soccer game. Anyways, Yoga with Adriene…she’s a cool chick, but I had to look at the screen a lot to see what the heck she was talking about. She’s got a easy vibe and definitely approaches the poses so you get the most out of them…build the most strength and flexibility from. I felt it in MY HIPS (they don’t lie)! After the practice I needed to lie down in shavasana because they came out of the practice twitchy. 4 minutes of shavasana did the trick. My body is ready…for lunch! Panini’s anyone? =P

Yoga for Commuters

Yo peeps! Happy October! Just wanted to share Erin Motz yoga video from her 2014 yoga challenge. I’m sure we would all love to stop commuting to work and just *poof* be there without the morning stress. Unfortunately, we can’t do that unless we have a home office. So Erin hit a home run with this hip opening, quad stretching, back relieving flow. Love it! I even posted my favorite pose on IG. On Youtube I’ve favorited this video and plan to continue the routine. If the burn is good then I might as well keep doing it!

Note: Not sure why the embedded video doesn’t immediately show what I want, but it will be Erin Motz Week 4 Day 7 video. Feel free to check out the rest of Erin’s videos though…they’re still just as awesome.

Starting your yoga journey? Start Here!

Erin Motz 2014 Yoga Challenge

I’ve been following Erin Motz yoga for almost a year now and she really breaks down the yoga for you. She has evolved through her own Bad Yogi website and DoYouYoga website.
Her first 30-day yoga challenge focused on incorporating yoga into your daily life (usually busy), she even has a video of office yoga…discreet yoga positions at the comfort of your own office desk.
This time around she takes her practice outdoors on the beach and incorporated tai chi breathing. The crashing waves really help with my zen. I’m following the practice and we’re on day 3, but it’s not too late for you to start and be curious! Give your body a treat…a healthy treat.

Looking to test your yoga commitment?

Yogi, Erin Motz, helped me start a steady commitment to yoga in her 30 Day Yoga Challenge. It kept me motivated in my practice. But there were some days that I totally missed, but it’s forgiving because it’s an at-home practice! Though, you should do every single routine to complete the challenge! You’ll feel rejuvenated! I promise! There’s even a roll-out-of-bed practice, which is an interesting change of routine because I usually like to eat breakfast and drink tea before I do a morning practice.

Also, her videos are 20 minutes or less, so it’s nothing that’ll interrupt your busy days. No excuses! Be curious! Give your body a healthy does of yoga movement.