200 YTT – Day 10-13 – Week 3 Complete

Coming into Week 3, I seriously did not want to go back to work. Teacher training for 8 hours was a dream and I was surrounded lovely ladies with good vibes. It was tough to carry-on my teachers mantra this week, “everything is temporary.” I tried to tell myself that work eventually ends…that it’s only temporary. I rode my bike home and went to mat for practice. We have 4 weeks left of practice and I need to figure how to live yoga at work. THINKING CAPS ON!

With 4 weeks left of the training, I have attained sooooo much information. Muscles, sanskrit, directional cues, speaking with clarity, and just started hands-on adjustments. There is just so much to learn and I am loving it!

Day 12 we were introduced to the crystal bowl meditation workshop with Emma Kupu Mitchell. Meditations aren’t as still and focused as I would like to experiments them, but this time the vibrations of the crystal bowls took effect and I had a moment where I felt like floating.  The long mid-tone vibrations softened my ear drums and my body laid still. Unfortunately ,the pressure on my head from laying on the mat kept me from feeling elevated. Though, my body was relaxed.  I actually felt like I was sitting up right while I was simply laying on the ground. My mind was playing games with me as I tried to stay present! 

One of the special parts of this workshop was the practice of the crystal bowl vibrations energizing  our personal items and a bottle of water. Emma offered us to put items in the center of the room on a silk cloth. She mentioned silk heightens the vibrations. I placed my wedding ring and Tahitian pearl, two pieces of jewelry that I wear every day. The bottle of water is another reminder of the experience. In the beginning of class we wrote down an intention or a mantra. I chose to wrote “strength” on my bottle. It took me a long time to find a word to cover the emotional, physical and mental challenges that I’ve been facing and will face. Strength will cover all that. 

200 YTT – Day 6 – Walking Meditation

Kapilina Beach was my distraction today. Believe or not during a walking meditation you should only be focused on your breath and your step. So it was challenging to walk along the shoreline and not notice the ocean washing over my feet. The sand was like a foot massage so that slowly helped me to just focus on my step and enjoying the step. Looking down on my feet and breathing brought me to a meditative state but I was cautious about my timing (15 minutes). This was the fastest 15 minutes of all the meditative practices we did this week. 

The rest YTT today was open for modification because I wanted to take care of body especially my runners knee. By mid-practice I realized my knee was calm and relaxed. It could’ve been the ibuprofen that assisted but I like to think that I breathed into my knee and exhaled all the bad stuff. I’m expecting future uncomfortable joint and muscles but I’ll try not to get all wrapped up in it. The important thing, and it should be most important to everyone, is that we take care of our body. Realize what makes you stronger. Realize what’s makes you a less stronger. Continue making those realizations and you can love yourself. If you love yourself then you can love others. 

Knee pain! -__-

I hope everyone can agree with me that when your knees or even your ankles are sore it ruins your day and your practice. I sprained my ankle in 2012 by leaping then landing wrong, so I rolled my ankle. Thankfully no broken anything but my spirit surely was. Luckily yoga helped me strengthen my ankle and relieve the pain. It let me start running again.

My current injury, which puzzles me today, is my knee pain. Yes, it’s most likely stress from running on a treadmill and maybe I have heavy feet too. There’s just no explanation as to why it hurts while I’m watching TV. Anyways, at first I thought it was my shoes; I mean I did put over 300 miles on them so they were most likely worn out. Tried new insoles, but that only made my arches ache. Finally got new shoes. Now, I stick with Nike+ shoes so I can track my distance. My brother got me that nikeband so I want to be able to use it with the chip n all. But since I’ve been on a treadmill I shouldn’t have limited myself to Nike. My knees still hurt.
I’m not sure what going on with my knees and the muscles surrounding them. Ever since the burning pain my yoga practice hasn’t felt the same. I don’t feel as flexible. Most likely my knees and muscles are trying to tell me ease up on the stretching, take it easy. That conversation always leaves me bummed because I would like to run without pain and leave the mat without pain. A knee brace and ibuprofen can only do so much.

Feeling Heavy on the Mat…It’s My Fault

deep stretchIt’s the first time that I felt heavy during my practice and I know it’s my fault. My eating habits went spiraled down starting off the day with oatmeal in vanilla almond milk  for breakfast to a strawberry greek yogurt smoothie for lunch to popcorn and bread pudding for dinner. Some part of me told me not to make that dinner choice knowing that I’d do a workout within the next hour or so, but my mouth wanted it more.  Now, and even during my workout I felt the consequences

I juggled my workout routine with abs first and then a cardio yoga routine. Already during the ab routine I felt like throwing up. Not to the point of heaving, but my throat was parched and an eruption was brewing in my lower belly. I  stuck out my tongue quite a few times. Cardio yoga just validated the ickiness. My form was not balanced. Just not being able to breathe freely and openly and especially comfortably ruined the practice. My feet did not float gracefully from downward dog to the top of the mat no matter how hard I concentrated. Stress sweat instead of progress sweat. At this point let me just say, ‘lesson learned.’ No doubt I learned this lesson already, but I just haven’t felt it in forever. Now, this is just a reminder of what will get me to this point and how good it doesn’t feel. I spent a lot of time in child’s pose to recover. 




Measuring strength and progress

20130830-072931.jpgTo be honest, I’m scared of scales and tape measures. Sometimes I’m even scared to go shopping, especially for jeans because I dread the sizes. I’m always told I have a lot of junk in trunk too. Not words I like to hear; I’m sure no one likes to hear. The words are unavoidable, but what you can avoid are the negative feelings that go with it.
Yoga sure has taught me to find happiness within my body. Since I don’t like numbers to measure my progress I notice how much stronger I get since yesterday’s practice. I could barely do two push-ups in a row. Now, I’m dishing out about ten with ease. The mirror helps me see progress too. Just a little more definition in my back and arms brings a smile and a mental “oh-ya.”
Naturally, through my yoga journey I got use to my beginner’s tension and now I cam advance the tension just a little more. Sinking deeper into warrior poses or holding a v-up just a little tighter (no matter how large the earthquake =P.)
I’m most proud of my splits progress. It’s been about two months of practice and refining the practicing too. Both legs are different though. My right is more flexible than my left, so I just try not to force my left to catch up. Only strained muscles come out of forcing the stretch. Just keep breathing deep. It feels like my body is listening to my heart and takes me closer to my goal. Inhale elongate the muscles and exhale the deeper I go into the stretch. My mind can be in the moment.



Relaxation from the SUN


In our last week of August the Florida sun finally shows itself in bright form. It inspired me to open up the blinds and sit in gratitude. The warm rays massaged my neck, down to my shoulder blades, and then the bottom of my back. Even my tight bun loosened up to fall on my collarbones.

I can’t wait for our get together with the Hawaii gang and meet all who has made a living here along the emerald coast. Hopefully the weather is kind to us and the sun is soothing. Sunscreen, shades, and swimsuits. 😉

Moments after my sun appreciation I ate a salad and practiced my yoga. Good stuff!

Additional Stretch for splits

20130823-223823.jpgWhile evaluating my splits progress I tried to pinpoint which muscles needed a little more attention. I’ve stretched in pigeon pose, butterflies, and straddle, but I just felt like the stretches needed more help. So, I included the crescent lunge or anjaneyasana. Then, I felt I could take it deeper into the stretch and bent the back knee where I onto my ankle. I’ve mentioned before I have knee problems, but I guess with the shape of my knee it works out in this pose. The low lunge rolls to the top my knee I stead of under (which is where I usually feel pain).

Crescent lunge may look like a simple stretch but I still break a sweat. It opens up all my problem areas like my hips and hamstrings; as well as, quads, shoulders, back, and chest. Pretty much sounds like everything. You’d think that with a lower center of gravity it feel easy. Guess not!

I feel it will help me with strength, flexibility, and balance. Crescent lunge really get me thinking about those three things because right now my body feels stiff in the pose, like I’m truly sweating to reach stability. Hopefully, with persistence and dedication, I’ll fall deep into the pose with some new light.

Remember to believe in yourself.