200 YTT – Day 10-13 – Week 3 Complete

Coming into Week 3, I seriously did not want to go back to work. Teacher training for 8 hours was a dream and I was surrounded lovely ladies with good vibes. It was tough to carry-on my teachers mantra this week, “everything is temporary.” I tried to tell myself that work eventually ends…that it’s only temporary. I rode my bike home and went to mat for practice. We have 4 weeks left of practice and I need to figure how to live yoga at work. THINKING CAPS ON!

With 4 weeks left of the training, I have attained sooooo much information. Muscles, sanskrit, directional cues, speaking with clarity, and just started hands-on adjustments. There is just so much to learn and I am loving it!

Day 12 we were introduced to the crystal bowl meditation workshop with Emma Kupu Mitchell. Meditations aren’t as still and focused as I would like to experiments them, but this time the vibrations of the crystal bowls took effect and I had a moment where I felt like floating.  The long mid-tone vibrations softened my ear drums and my body laid still. Unfortunately ,the pressure on my head from laying on the mat kept me from feeling elevated. Though, my body was relaxed.  I actually felt like I was sitting up right while I was simply laying on the ground. My mind was playing games with me as I tried to stay present! 

One of the special parts of this workshop was the practice of the crystal bowl vibrations energizing  our personal items and a bottle of water. Emma offered us to put items in the center of the room on a silk cloth. She mentioned silk heightens the vibrations. I placed my wedding ring and Tahitian pearl, two pieces of jewelry that I wear every day. The bottle of water is another reminder of the experience. In the beginning of class we wrote down an intention or a mantra. I chose to wrote “strength” on my bottle. It took me a long time to find a word to cover the emotional, physical and mental challenges that I’ve been facing and will face. Strength will cover all that. 


The great thing about yoga is it doesn’t demand anything from me. I commit to practice everyday for at least an hour and even though I should be aware that I am a beginner I still woe on the fact that I can’t do poses the yogi’s I follow on instagram or blogs do. Sometimes I find myself digging through their pictures for beginning stages. There are none. Only poses like headstands and armstand flows are present. Far from where I am at the moment. Those pictures do motivate my determination and commitment, but for a split second it discourages me. Like, how the heck do I work into that pose or what am I doing wrong to not be there yet? I try to ask them how long did it take them to be such awesome yogi’s and no reply. Heh, they probably have better inversions to do than answer an aspiring yogi that practices at home. Oh, why don’t I take a class? Because I just don’t have the money. Youtube has quite an array of fitness videos. I believe this is my first yogi woe. My woe won’t last long though because this is a practice and not surgery. Wink!

Well, I’m a week away from three months of practice. Let’s keep positive. My crow pose is a little tighter, splits are getting lower (idk if that’d be called a split though), and my arms have a little definition. I always like stop in front of the mirror. But my big goal is to pose in handstand. I can’t quite hold my feet up for longer than a second.

I debut my first transition from crow to plank on Instagram just a day ago. I’ve been working on it for a month or so and still have much work to do on it. The transition empowers me because I remember totally face planting and falling on my chest. I had humor with it, as some yoga teachers suggest, and look forward to the next day. That’s all I can do.

Relaxation from the SUN


In our last week of August the Florida sun finally shows itself in bright form. It inspired me to open up the blinds and sit in gratitude. The warm rays massaged my neck, down to my shoulder blades, and then the bottom of my back. Even my tight bun loosened up to fall on my collarbones.

I can’t wait for our get together with the Hawaii gang and meet all who has made a living here along the emerald coast. Hopefully the weather is kind to us and the sun is soothing. Sunscreen, shades, and swimsuits. 😉

Moments after my sun appreciation I ate a salad and practiced my yoga. Good stuff!

Strive For Progress

For me, it’s motivational to follow yoga/cardio routines where the instructor assures you the practice is not about perfection. That way I don’t need to worry about moving or posing correctly. Instead I can just be in the moment, listen to my body, and adjust to rid of any pain. My knees have been the worst lately.

When I do a low lunge, like the one in the picture, my back knee is sore AND even when I lift that back knee off the ground the pain surges around my knee. I can’t even say where or what it is that’s tingling. To adjust I would put my small inflatable ball under my knee and rest it there OR just place my knee in a different position. And I feel the stretch as instructed.When you do these routines or go to a fitness class it’s really more about the trying than the doing.

Yoga is my low impact fitness routine because I just have sensitive joints all around. But even in my practice I can find injury. I tell myself to take a break or don’t push to hard. When I feel strong enough to get back into it I feel less fatigue. And that’s always great.

My hips don’t lie

For the first time in my practice I felt a twinge in my hips. And my hips are my weakness. My routine was the same, so I wasn’t expecting pain going into a straddle stretch. Though, many of the yoga vids I watched mentions that every day will be a little different, so just go with the flow. But no matter how much I adjusted my legs I couldn’t open my legs 90 degrees without pain. I wanted to get to the bottom of my hips. Why were they so tight?

I figure my hips weren’t warm enough. Maybe I just didn’t ignite the fire in my belly. So, I did a few light hip openers while being very cautious. Along with a few sun salutations I stretched in pigeon pose, downward dog splits, and deep lunge on my forearms. My body heated up, but to balance the body out I breathed in child’s pose.



Well, maybe it wasn’t a medical condition that needed to be cured, but I’m glad I found a solution for my pain. The twinge was no more. It amazed e how these extra poses, just a little more heat, helped open up my hips. That’s when I thought about my many hip episodes while surfing. I sure do miss the Pacific Ocean. Hopefully, my yoga practice will be a good supplement to my surfing and paddle surfing.

A new pose with a smile

I’ve been practicing yoga for about three months and my yoga meltdown is beginning to barely make a sweat, so I advanced the poses. Now, I’m raising the bar and stretching a little further. Though, I don’t want my body to be comfortable with my regular routines. As much as I’ve been impatient with my yoga body I still want to discover new poses. I’m on a budget, so I just practice at home.

Stretching and practicing for splits seems to be a long-term goal. I found all the stretches I could that would help me into the pose. Believe me I’m nowhere near the ground, always sweating, and it’s testing my patients. Also, my wrists are a little burnt out from the lovely crow pose and handstand practice. This led me to find the toe stand or padangustasana.20130814-104313.jpg

When I see a pose I immediately wonder how to get into it. Most of the time I don’t know the name of the pose too. I researched it and stumbled upon a website that not only named the pose, but actually animated the pose. So the toe stand is a bikram yoga pose and to my understanding it’s like a hot yoga because it’s practiced in a hot room for a long duration. I’m not sure if I’d want to try that. I’ll stick with my yoga meltdown videos and other yoga cardio routines. 😉



The Flow of Life

“Yesterday is a mystery, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.” – KungFuPanda

Who knew such wise words came from cartoon. =p you don’t quite catch these things when your younger. Or maybe I just watched it so many times that I try to find something new to look out for besides the action and colors.