200 YTT – Day 10-13 – Week 3 Complete

Coming into Week 3, I seriously did not want to go back to work. Teacher training for 8 hours was a dream and I was surrounded lovely ladies with good vibes. It was tough to carry-on my teachers mantra this week, "everything is temporary." I tried to tell myself that work eventually ends...that it's only … Continue reading 200 YTT – Day 10-13 – Week 3 Complete



The great thing about yoga is it doesn't demand anything from me. I commit to practice everyday for at least an hour and even though I should be aware that I am a beginner I still woe on the fact that I can't do poses the yogi's I follow on instagram or blogs do. Sometimes … Continue reading A NEW WAY TO FALL

Relaxation from the SUN

In our last week of August the Florida sun finally shows itself in bright form. It inspired me to open up the blinds and sit in gratitude. The warm rays massaged my neck, down to my shoulder blades, and then the bottom of my back. Even my tight bun loosened up to fall on my … Continue reading Relaxation from the SUN


Strive For Progress

For me, it's motivational to follow yoga/cardio routines where the instructor assures you the practice is not about perfection. That way I don't need to worry about moving or posing correctly. Instead I can just be in the moment, listen to my body, and adjust to rid of any pain. My knees have been the … Continue reading Strive For Progress


My hips don’t lie

For the first time in my practice I felt a twinge in my hips. And my hips are my weakness. My routine was the same, so I wasn’t expecting pain going into a straddle stretch. Though, many of the yoga vids I watched mentions that every day will be a little different, so just go … Continue reading My hips don’t lie


A new pose with a smile

I've been practicing yoga for about three months and my yoga meltdown is beginning to barely make a sweat, so I advanced the poses. Now, I'm raising the bar and stretching a little further. Though, I don't want my body to be comfortable with my regular routines. As much as I've been impatient with my … Continue reading A new pose with a smile


The Flow of Life

"Yesterday is a mystery, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that's why they call it the present." - KungFuPanda Who knew such wise words came from cartoon. =p you don't quite catch these things when your younger. Or maybe I just watched it so many times that I try to find something … Continue reading The Flow of Life