200 YTT – Day 9 – “Everything is Temporary”

Tonight, Tasha, our teacher trainer, offered the mantra of “everything is temporary.” No matter how much you try to fight this one, you know it’s true. Good and bad things fluctuate throughout your day and you just need to breathe through it. The breath is constant. The breath sustains life. My practice tonight took that to heart and helped me focus on breathing. Of course, that was temporary just for a split second My breath got shallow in the twists and then deeper with holds. I felt strong and was able to hold sirsasana (headstand), in which the mind is already trying to fight you to give up! After a big grunt, I powered through until the end. It felt great. Luckily, we skipped a few poses from the regular Ashtanga practice because I don’t know if I would be able to accomplish that. I’ll be crossing my fingers though.

If you didn’t get to check out my first video with the RAD ATOM on my Instagram @megan.deme, you can do so in the left module.


200 YTT – Day 8 – Ashtanga Immersion

Day 8 wraps up Week 2 of 7 of YTT. The week revolved around an Ashtanga Prinary Series immersion consisting of 5 consecutive days of alignment practice with our teacher trainer, Tasha, and ending with instruction by Sri. K Pattabhi Jois himself…on recording. What took us 2 hours to complete, we completed in 1.5 hours with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. I was sweating mentally and physically. Mostly because Sri K. didn’t give directional cues into the different poses so I looked around at the regulars for hints. Another thing was his counts were very long. Completely sweating bullets as I held poses. I was tell myself that the poses are secondary to the practice so I should focus on my breath. The pacing allowed me to do so. So the practice was tough but easy in a way. I battled the minds default to give up and run away from the pain. 

The real treat of the weeks wrap of rolling out with the RAD team member, Julie Wu. Her arrival rose excitement and even more so the equipment she brought with her. From head to toe, front to back we massaged the muscles that ached all week from our yoga practice. I regret not buying more toys but for now I’ll be experimenting with the swag I got it and put out some demos on instagram as I flow through the rest of my YTT. 

Thank you, fellow classmates, teacher trainer (Tasha), my husband for supporting me and of course God for giving me this opportunity. 

200 YTT – Day 7 – Opening the Body

Today I folded into full lotus. A sign that the ashtanga practice is opening my body. Sounds weird, I know, but that’s the only way I can explain it.

Last October, I tweaked my knee staying in lotus and couldn’t get in the pose ever since. Since starting the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) I semi-avoided any kind of lotus and just say cross-legged. (It’s only week 2 but we are extremely immersed in the practice). Today was a little different. I simply felt confident in my body to go a little further and prepped myself to pretzel myself back into lotus. When the time came into the sequence, I amazed myself. It was a bit tight but I was in it, yo! Woot Woot! My teacher expressed her amazement as well.

A bit of worry did set in, though. I moved and sat cautiously in lotus. There was a flash before my eyes that I would injure my knee again and then start from healing square one. Luckily, I was safe. The goal now is to open up a little more and to jump my legs back into chaturanga. My legs were way too tight.

Overall, the training is tough, but I enjoy it! I could honestly do this for a living. Every step I take is happy, I can breathe in fresh air and laugh good things. Thanks, Yoga4Ewa YTT! Can’t wait for what’s to come. We have just 5 more weeks to go! Anything could happen.

200 YTT – Day 6 – Walking Meditation

Kapilina Beach was my distraction today. Believe or not during a walking meditation you should only be focused on your breath and your step. So it was challenging to walk along the shoreline and not notice the ocean washing over my feet. The sand was like a foot massage so that slowly helped me to just focus on my step and enjoying the step. Looking down on my feet and breathing brought me to a meditative state but I was cautious about my timing (15 minutes). This was the fastest 15 minutes of all the meditative practices we did this week. 

The rest YTT today was open for modification because I wanted to take care of body especially my runners knee. By mid-practice I realized my knee was calm and relaxed. It could’ve been the ibuprofen that assisted but I like to think that I breathed into my knee and exhaled all the bad stuff. I’m expecting future uncomfortable joint and muscles but I’ll try not to get all wrapped up in it. The important thing, and it should be most important to everyone, is that we take care of our body. Realize what makes you stronger. Realize what’s makes you a less stronger. Continue making those realizations and you can love yourself. If you love yourself then you can love others. 

200 YTT – Day 5 – Anxious Meditation

The following is what I wrote in my journal right after morning Ashtanga practice. We always have a little break before the formal teacher training. This week we start the mornings with meditations.

Meditation today was just as difficult as yesterday. Interesting enough I battled myself to go back to my breath while I saw on a yoga block. I had a show of pulsing colors, green to blue to purple. After enjoying the show for about 6 breaths everything went white. So I questioned my practice and the rest of the body went into shock. My arms wanted to fidget (then it did), top son my feet began to hurt and my shoulders tightened up. Not to mention how itchy I got. Then, I anxiously waited for my teacher take us out of meditation. My whole body grew anxious and began to heat up. Yes, I was sweating in meditation. I took a peak and that’s when…

I literally stopped writing there, but you get the idea.

200 YTT – Day 4 – Be confident in your story

One part of Teacher Training is knowing your story and being able to share it and just owning it. Today I shared  my story for the 4th time and I still think it’s missing something. It’s most likely because my story-tellling skills are about Level 1. I know it’s a little painful to read these blog posts. But I admit telling my story is probably the easiest thing about the training. 

We dressed up our class skeleton, Bradduh Steve, with more muscles and I could barely remember the muscles we already placed. I gave him six-pack abs 

200YTT – Day 3 – First time teaching

First full day was full of information and flashbacks from Sophomore year’s Biology class! Not my strong suit, but this time I choose to learn. We got some history thrown into the mix too and 

The morning’s Vinyasa Fusion practice was insightful. Tasha instructed movement and the benefits of the poses. Immediately thought about my mom and I feel like gift wrapping this practice for her. 

Then, we mock-taught Sri Namaskara A & B.like ripping of a band-aid. 

My workspace. 🙂