200 YTT – Day 20 – Mommy Yogi’s

Yoga is for every body even those who carry an extra body. I am referring to the mommy Yogi’s. Today we had a prenatal teacher training with Hillary Norrell, first an Ashtanga teacher and now a prenatal yoga teacher too. Yoga can help expecting mommies transform or deal with their new bodies as they carry their little bundle of joy.   It could probably help them transform out of their mommy bodies too. That is what intrigues me the most, the idea of a transformation. 

You are transforming your body so that you can bring in new life and one of the things we have to remember is to nurture our body. Nurturing a mommy Yogi is way different from a regular Yogi practitioner. It’s like a different breed of Yogi! Which is of course is completely natural. One day I will be experiencing this body transformation and be challenged with nurturing it. Carrying two people, breathing for two and eating for two. Might not sound all that bad, but once we try to be our regular Yogi self things might feel a little different. And I say that of course not by experience but just what Hillary and the other mommies in the class shared. But it all makes sense when you have to breathe for two with your same regular lungs. It’s not like you grow bigger lungs just so you can breathe for your baby too. No, we just have the same lungs but we have a new kind of breath. Yes, a shorter breath. 

This prenatal workshop reminded me that Yoga can help a Yogi to come into their bodies and the one thing that we have to remember is to just nurture our body. One mantra that my yoga Teacher offered was “everything is temporary.” And I feel like once we decide to have a bundle of joy, that mantra will carry me through the transformation. It helps me to be in the present moment. So, hopefully I remember. And I hope that those of you reading, future mommy yogis, will remember to nurture your body and tell yourself “everything is temporary.”


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