200 YTT – Day 18-19 -Back in the studio 

The Fourth of July holiday put yoga teacher training to intermission, but not really. I like to see it as a time to refresh by reflecting on what was taught and finding your own words to lead a class in the Ashatnga sequence. I practiced my cues independently and then with family members. I’ll tell you it was not perfect. I would cut the sequence short because I misinterpreted the Sanskrit of shoulder stand to headstand. Caught myself! Realized the memory loss! Then, reviewed those areas I missed. It’s great when you don’t plan to teach, but a family member wants to yoga. So, you just take on the challenge and really apply how much you’ve learned. Your breaks at work end up to be Sankrit translation practices. 

There was a lot to prepare for this week too. The second half of the primary series is a whole knew animal to teach and to practice. I’m still trying to hit the bullseye with balancing on my sit-bones while holding my feet up, then pressing into my head and folding my legs into full lotus. The best part is I get to focus on my body in these poses. Most of the time, at work, my back gets so tight sitting at my desk all day that I wiggle around trying to give my body what it need, but not. Workflow is a little distracted and body suffering persists.  In yoga, when poses get a little more difficult and mentally involved, you are present.  You are in the present moment and in the now, now, now.

Another thing I realized is how much closer I got to my teacher and fellow trainees. I’m comfortable being myself and I accept any silliness or criticism (constructive) from my peers. It definitely would be sad to see the training end, but how cool it would be to see how someone evolved as well as how they’ll evolve the yoga practice. You almost feel special out of all the trainers that has passed through the Yoga4Ewa doors. But, of course, our place of learning will always be special to us and we’re already special for coming to the yoga practice. Let’s hope I have the opportunity to spread the practice. I’m already planting the seed with family and friends.


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