200 YTT – Day 17 – Being a kid again

Our busy adult lives leave us very little time to be childishly selfish, draw what’s in our hearts and innocently solo dance…and all in front of others. On our morning donut breakfast walk, my husband did not want to practice Joy Breathes with me as we sat in Safeway’s eating area. His words were, “No! Not in public. People are looking”. I was bummed by this because there was no one immediately around us. Who goes to Safeway at 7:30am to eat a donut? No one! I didn’t look behind me to see if there really was anyone around us. I just stopped in disappointment then continued eating my chocolate donut.

Anyways, week 4 workshop was with Yoga ed. with instructor/teacher/yogi/dancer Harmony, who still made it to the workshop even after coming back from China and then preparing to move homes the next day. We learned how to incorporate self-awareness and self-care in our lifestyle and then within K-5 students. I’ve worked at a school and worked with young children for 10 years now and I wish I had this training sooner. Now that I do have them, I hope to pass on this practice. It’s a chair practice that takes into account the space a classroom might have and the essential desk-chair set up classrooms usually have. Makes sense, right? Students have very little guidance and outlets to stay in tune with their bodies during the academic hours of their day. Class, in that sense, is never fun or associated with a good feeling. Instead, it’s stressful, emotionally and physically and mentally. I definitely remember those days sitting in sophomore biology and completely getting lost and just wanting the break period to come sooner. Even my enjoyable classes like photography and graphic design where somewhat stressful because of all the deadlines and the pressure of measuring up with my peers. 

The over-arching theme and goal of the practice is to instill a practice and a lifestyle of self-care and a effective learning environment. It was definitely nice to know my fellow teacher trainees in a childish manner. We drew pictures, danced and stuck out our tongues for lions breathe with each other. And the best part was that I didn’t look around to check if I was going through the practice correctly. We are all equals and we are all winners. I expect to take this with me throughout my days as a wife, as a teacher and eventually as a mother. 


One thought on “200 YTT – Day 17 – Being a kid again

  1. Elmira says:

    It’ll take time but I’m sure there will come a day when Grant will do joy breathes with you in public 🙂

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