200 YTT – Day 14-17 – Week 4

Week 4 was physically mellow, but mentally stressful. I was unable to practice Ashtanga at the studio because of work and other family events that happen during the week. Training days are when I know I’ll practice, but unfortunately not this week. Despite being bummed out it was good to further the training with hands-on adjustments, practice teach and muscle review. All in order of preference. Hands-on adjustments really get me out of my comfort zone for touching others and others touching me. It’s not really “touching” because it’s adjusting. This allows me to trust in my teacher, fellow yogi-mates and trust myself with others. I’m pretty good at masking the discomfort to by being a “yes man” and pretending I’m someone else, but I’d like it to be a part of me.

Practicing to teach the Ashtanga sequence is fun! I prep by writing down the asanas and instructing an empty living room (sometimes I instruct in my head, so my husband gets concerned, but I assure you I’m just going through the practice in my head visualizing my invisible student(s)). The best practice has been instructing a real person though because that’s what it’s going to be in the end. The only accessible person has been my husband who wishes he wasn’t so accessible. I’m grateful that he’s willing to help me practice. I try to be serious and encouraging as he reluctantly twists into Pariviritta Parsvakonasa or flows through another vinyasa. I reward him with a Rad Roller massage and essential oil treatment. It doesn’t happen every time! The sanskrit is whole ‘nothuh story.

Memorizing muscles and their actions are a big brain teaser. It’s right on my body, but for some reason I still have the hardest time. The hard part is isolating one muscle at a time! I can flex my hip and their are a few muscles that are responsible for the action. Internal and External rotations are another teaser. The muscles seem like it’s being stretched rather than contracted! That’s where feeling the body seems unreliable. The best way to figure out the actions of every muscles is to refer to it’s skeletal origin and insertion. But, even that fails me. Continuous and proper review would be best.


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