Lululemon Wunder Under 1/2 Tight

Love is in the air!

I’m 5’1″ and usually the crops from Lululemon are YOGA pants for me OR just above the ankle to where it shortens my already short body. I got a size 6 since lately the Lulu’s have been a bit tight, but for these I felt like I could’ve stuck with my usual size 4. The Wunder Under Tight still lives up to it’s “hugged” sensation, but just a little more cuddle would make it golden. I went with the “air time white black” print. It’s basically printed on white full-on luxtreme, if that type of thing matters to you. And the 17″ inseam hits about 4 inches below my knee (completely a guess because I didn’t actually measure). 

Performance wise these were top of the class. Just a 10 minute bike stroll didn’t ruin the ride to class or the crops. Probably wouldn’t work for a 30 minute bike ride, though. The leg hem did ride up into my knees, but the fabric is so thin that it didn’t cause any discomfort. During my actual Ashtanga practice the luxtreme lived up to it’s promise and kept me cool and dry throughout the 75-minutes. 


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