Lululemon OR VSX


Lululemon is a very well-known brand to the yoga community while Victoria’s Secret is known to women all around the world. Basically, if you’re an active woman you know these brands all too well. And you know that they’re are pricey. Well, it’s one of those comfort-comes-with-a-price sort of thing. VSX is the whole package for me, but Lululemon will always be my intro to athletic comfort.

I was introduced to Lululemon from a friend who started trained for the Honolulu Marathon. Then, my brother started bringing up the brand all too often. So, I put my good ole Nike running shorts aside and glided on my Lulu’s. The fit, the stretch, the airiness of Lululemon shorts are totally awesome! My pocket quivered a bit, but it was worth it. It didn’t make me a better runner, but it definitely made sweating bearable with the moisture wicking Luxtreme®, Circle Mesh fabric. My purchases expanded and I went for the sports bras. The designs and colors are very attractive. They were even padded! What girl would not like that feature? Comfort Level was about 7. Having sensitive skin makes it a real gamble to wear these fancy brands with their fancy fabrics n what not. But my skin would get a little red! I was hoping it wasn’t a trend with the brand, so I just tried to buy other designs. Things got better.

Victoria’s Secret’s VSX sports bra was another gamble I took in order to find comfort. My brother’s girlfriend wore it when we’d go dirtbiking, so I wanted to try them. The comfort level is a 9! The little strap adjustments sit uncomfortably at my collarbones and the metal is a little comfortable when I hug my arms together. Though I do forget about that whole problem once I’m moving. Overall I just love the flexibility of it and how the bra glides across my skin while stretching with it’s Nylon microfiber and spandex fabric. It barely feels like I have a bra on. Lets not forget the great padded feature too! Can’t go wrong. VSX hugs my form better. The shorts are very comfortable too. The stretchiness, moisture wicking, and breathability is similar to Lululemon, but like I said before VSX glides across my skin.


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